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Diane's Bride: Chelsea & Hunter

Southern Charm and timeless elegance shaped this wedding day into a dream. From finding the perfect dress to their flawless wedding day, it's an unforgettable journey that led to an exquisite start to their marriage! From the picturesque landscapes at the Camelot Manor to the beautiful images captured by The Wipplers. We can't wait to share this spectacular wedding day with you!

The Diane's DRESS!

Chelsea wanted something elegant, simple, timeless but with no lace, classy and comfortable. She found exactly that in one of our private label gowns!

Chelsea's Diane's Experience

"Diane’s was the first and only place I went to find a wedding dress. I told the staff what I liked and didn’t like and they gave me a large selection of dresses to try on. By the 4th option I tried, I had found my wedding dress within 45 minutes. It was the easiest, quickest, and unexpected wedding dress search I could have ever expected. The staff made the decision so simple and helped me find exactly what I aimed for."

Tell us about your Love!

I met my now husband through mutual friends. My best friend is dating his best friend. I went bowling with them all and my best friend, Montana, and I ordered everything off the menu. My now husband, Hunter, said it was then that he knew I was the one.

He proposed at The View Restaurant at The Birmingham Country Club on my birthday. He had told me it was a birthday dinner for me, but I knew something was up because I had told him I wanted to go to Cracker Barrel for my birthday and Hunter had asked me to wear a dress and that he would wear a coat. I didn’t think he even owned a coat. Haha

The Wedding Day!

The wedding day was flawless. Hunter and I both discussed afterward how neither of us ever felt any nervous feelings or cold feet. It was the easiest and most fun day. The venue was beautiful and the wedding coordinators took care of everything perfectly.

The main family tradition we included was from my side of the family. My grandmother has this plate called ‘The Special Plate,’ which is a red plate with the sides reading “You are special on this day.” Since 1983, every time someone new came over to her home and ate dinner with us, or if there was a birthday, celebration, or special event, the person being celebrated would eat off of the special plate. There is also a little book that comes with the plate where you sign your name, date, and special occasion. Her book has over 300 names in it. For a wedding shower, my grandmother searched for and found the exact plate, which is still being made today, and gifted it to Hunter and I so we could start our own special plate tradition. The first signature in our special plate book is on our wedding day. We both ate our wedding cake off of it together when we cut it. Such a special memory.


Photographer: The Wipplers Instagram: @thewipplers

Florist: Maggie Sims

Wedding Planner: Bridget Jarvis

Hair & Makeup: Alexandria Knight MU - Emily Maye HAIR

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